Min kärlek till kaffe har funnits i många år. Idén till att starta ett kafferosteri föddes sakta men säkert fram under mina år som turnerande musiker med mitt band Truckfighters.

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LINDBACKA – Ljus/mellanrost blandning


A great and smooth Blend that is also a bit fruity. Works very well in all situations. Roasted very carefully as a medium roast towards a lighter medium that you might be used to. This is a round and smooth coffee but with a little fruity ”spark” to it. Fits to… well everything.

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LINDBACKA used to be named Wadköping but apparantly it can’t be called that anymore, it’s a long story, but now it’s called Lindbacka, the place where the roastery is located, just 3kilometer north of Örebro city. A beautiful area for walks etc.
Most of the blend consists of a MEXICO bean from Oaxaca and the region Ozolotepec. We work with the cooperative UNTAO who processes coffee from smallholder farmers.
The two lots we imported last year from Oaxaca are from the region of Ozolotepec. We don’t have farm-specific information, as the coffee comes from many small farms and is combined into lots depending on quality and cup profiles.

Also in the Coffee is a very sweet coffee from El Salvador. Ignacio Gutierrez has a long history in farming: Before he started planting coffee in the year 2000, he worked with wood and tomatoes, and started his farms with just 500 coffee trees. He grows coffee on about 5 manzanas of rich soil in El Salvador, and has produced fantastic lots year after year: In both 2011 and 2013, his coffees took first place in the CoE competition. He produces a strong selection of heirloom varieties, processing some as Washed, Natural, and Honey.

Sweet and savory with chocolate, grapefruit and apple flavors


The last coffee is an organic ETIOPIAN from This coffee is from Shakiso and the district woreda, in the Guji Zone of the Oromia region. The Shakiso coffee comes from the Tade GG farm and is processed at the Sewana washing station in the kebele, or village, of that name. The washing station assigns each lot an ID code to maintain traceability. This lot was grown between 1870 and 2000 meters above sea level.

The coffee varieties in this lot, heirloom locally selected sub-variety 74110 and 74112, are common in the Guji zone. They were developed in the 1970s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) for resistance to the coffee berry disease. These two varieties begin with “74” to indicate their cataloging and selection in 1974.

Variety 74110 was selected from an original “mother tree” in the Bishari village, Metu Province, Illuababora zone, Oromia region. After researching its resistance to coffee berry disease and overall yield, JARC released the variety in 1979. 74110 trees are short and compact, with small leaves, cherries, and beans.

Variety 74112 also originates in the Metu-Bishari forest and was similarly released in 1979 for its disease resistance and yield potential. Its trees, too, are small and compact.

Roasted very carefully as a medium roast towards a lighter medium that you might be used to. This is a round and smooth coffee that intends to fit after lunch, dinner, afternoon coffee, morning coffee, yes everything. But still, it’s a coffee that doesn’t taste ”ordinary” but brings something extra to the table sort of speak.

In the Cup: Pleasant fruity acidity, slightly winey, tropical fruit acidity,  Jammy rich and bold fruit. Mature berries, raisins, mango, complex and characteristic.

Kaffe – Levereras både som hela bönor eller malet. Består av kaffe från Mexico ”Oaxaca”, Peru ”Cajamarca”, Ethiopien ”Guji” som jag rostar till  ett medium rostat kaffe men aningen mer åt det lättrostade hållet. Ett kaffe som sticker ut med sin fruktighet men samtidigt käns runt och trevligt i munnen.

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Vikt 340 g
Dimensioner 25 × 10 × 7 cm

Ethiopia "Guji", Mexico "Oaxaca", Peru "Cajamarca"






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