Min kärlek till kaffe har funnits i många år. Idén till att starta ett kafferosteri föddes sakta men säkert fram under mina år som turnerande musiker med mitt band Truckfighters.

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ESPRESSO – Mellan/mörkrost Grandi


A creamy and nice espresso that also feels fresh. A modern take of espresso for those who are tired of the burnt flavors in espresso.

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BRAZIL – Mantiqueira de Minas
This espresso blend consist of a really nice bean from Mantiqueira de Minas in BRAZIL and the farm Pe De Cedro that is owned by Edson Morais de Barros.

It is always impressive to see how the people behind Pe de Cedro completely master their production and drying process. Unlike many estates in the region, Pe de Cedro has a Red Bourbon variety under cultivation instead of the typical Yellow Bourbon. The result is a uniform coffee quality that you will be happy to feature year-round in your coffee blends or as a single-origin espresso.

Pe de Cedro produces coffee in line with the Best Coffee Practices and the region’s coffee traditions that gave Mantiqueira de Minas the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certificate. This means the estate follows environmentally friendly practices and uses the approved coffee varieties.

Unlike many of the farms in Brazil, all harvesting at Pe de Cedro is done manually. One of the essential coffee practices is processing cherries on the same day of harvesting. Pe de Cedro uses a classic Pinhalense machine for de-pulping. This removes the cherry skin and basically all mucilage from the parchment. This parchment then goes to the drying patio. The quality team spreads out the parchment in a thin layer for drying. They watch over the drying process, raking the parchment regularly so the beans dry slowly and uniformly.

Once dried to a moisture level of 12%, the parchment is moved to wooden bins in the storage room. Here, the beans undergo a necessary resting period to stabilize humidity. One month later, they are sent to COCARIVE warehouses in Carmo de Minas for storage. At COCARIVE, they run various quality checks on the coffee.

COLOMBIA – Santa Rita
The next coffee in this blend is a very clean and awesome washed coffee from Santa rita Colombia. This Organic coffee is the result of the hard work and effort of around 84 smallholder producers living in and around the town of Santa Rita in the municipality of Aipe in Colombia’s Huila Department. With a classic Nutella-like profile and plum fruitiness, this group lot is a great go-to for your seasonal espresso blend.

Each member of Asopcafa farms around 3.5 hectares (on average) and is responsible for processing their own coffee on their individual farms. Coffee is selectively hand-harvested, usually with the whole family pitching in to help, and then floated or sorted to remove any underweight or damaged cherries. The coffee is then pulped on small pulpers and fermented in tanks (usually tiled) for around 30 hours, depending on ambient temperature. After fermenting, the coffee is washed well in fresh water and is delivered to dry on solares (covered drying ‘tents’ or greenhouses) or rooftop elbas. Here the coffee will dry and be raked regularly for 12 to 18 days, or until it reaches around 12% humidity.

PERU – Pluma Dorada
Andy Llanos Delgado is a young grower in the Colasay District, from the small caserio (village) of Santa Rosa de Congona in north Peru. Colosay is an area that we find really interesting for its profiles and potential. The flavors of the coffees in this area simply speak to us. There are many farmers, but some of them need some support on post-harvest processing to produce high-quality coffee.

Andy Llanos Delgado is a third-generation coffee grower and while only in his twenties, he has big plans for his farm in Colasay. He is focused on producing specialty coffee and very proud of the quality of his coffee.

He took over the farm, Pluma Dorada, in 2016. It is situated close to the village Santa Rosa de Congona, in Colasay, in the north of Peru.

Andy has 1 hectare planted with coffee, entirely Bourbon for now though he has plans to plant more varieties. Their harvesting period runs from May to October, peaking around August.

The farm, Pluma Dorada is located at 1820 masl. It’s a small farm, just 1 hectare plated solely with Bourbon. Andy has about 3500 coffee trees. The farm has a small beneficio where he processes the coffee.

The coffee is dry fermented for 22- 24 hours before washed and rinsed, and then dried in a parabolic dryer next to his house. Drying takes about 17 days.

Kaffe – Levereras som hela bönor. Består av kaffe från Brasilien ”Mantiqueira de Minas”, Colombia ”Santa rita – Huila” och Peru ”Pluma Dorada” som rostats för att få fram de bästa egenskaperna för espresso. En krämig och varm espresso som ändå känns lätt och smarrig.

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Vikt 340 g
Dimensioner 25 × 10 × 7 cm

Brazil "Mantiqueira de Minas", Colombia "Santa Rita", Peru "Pluma Dorada"


Natural, Washed


Almond, Berry, Citrus, Milk Chocolate, Nutella, Plum, Sweet


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