Single Origin - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

SKU: Single-Abaya

This is truly an amazing coffee bean, here roasted lightly to retain the wonderful fruity flavours. Ethiopa is know as the birthcountry of coffee and if you haven't tasted any Ethiopian Single before, here you have the chance. This is an organic Yirgacheffe of outstanding quality. Also please note, this coffee is fantastic as a COLD BREW! Now also an option to have it grinded suitable for Coldbrew! ;)


Process: Washed

Taste profile: Orange, black tea. Lemon, Jasmin



Kaffe - Levereras endast som hela bönor eller malet (250gram). Består av den Ethiopiska bönan "Yirgacheffe" (Natural) som jag rostar strax efter "First crack" för att hålla kvar mycket av den härliga fruktigheten den här bönan har.  

Whole Bean / Filter grinded - Cold Brew