Kilsbergen - Ekologisk Blend


Cozo is delivering a new blend inspired by the mighty nature that surrounds Örebro. "Kilsbergen" is actuallly the Mountain that surrounds Örebro with it's mighty forest and astonishing nature. A lot of people hike our trails in Kilsbergen for that reason. This is mainly a filtercoffee but feel free to experiment with it as a Presso and/or an Espresso ;) With a base in the "Chocolaty" Kitabona from Uganda this is without a doubt a blend that is meant to move mountains. And the second coffee comes from the Cajamarca region in Peru and is grown by Levi Silva, Hazzelnut, apples and dried fruit are added to the mix. What comes last but not least? Well... a smooth and Sidamo that brings some clarity into the blend with it's "tealike" taste. (340gram)


Origin: Ugand Kitabona, Cajamarca Levi Silva, Sidamo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1560-2100meter

In the Cup: Chocolate, Hazzelnut, driedfruits




Kaffe - Levereras både som hela bönor eller malet (340gram). Består av kaffe från Uganda "Kitabona", Peru "Cajamarca" och Etiopien "Sidamo" som jag rostar till  ett medium/mörkrostat kaffe men aningen mer åt det lättrostade hållet än vad ni kanske är vana vid. Ett kaffe som är väldigt runt och trevligt, passar till både lunch, middag, eftermiddags fikat etc. (340gram). 

Whole Bean / Filter grinded