Kaffebar Blend - Ekologisk

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Cozo is delivering a wonderful filtercoffee that is also totally Organic, how about that! It's a blend that concist of 3 different beans. The base in it is a Columbian bean that is a mix of beans from the Cooperative El Macizo and Asobris. The El Macizo and Asobris Cooperative concist of 25 smaller villages that all lays by the foot of the mountain Nevado del Huila and have with it's high altitude and superb water the best conditions to produce great coffee. We balance this with a bit of Uganda Bean that adds a bit of red grapes, plums and "creamyness" to the coffee and the "cherry on the cake" is a wonderful Ethiopian Sidamo.


roasted very careful as a medium roast towards a lighter medium that you might be use to. This is a round and smooth coffee that intend to fit after lunch, dinner, afternoon coffee, morning coffee, yes everything. But still it's a coffee that doesn't taste "ordinary" but bring somethign extra to the table sort of speak. (340gram)


Origin: Columbia "Excelso EP", Uganda "St. Goret", Ethipia "Sidamo"

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1400-2100meter

In the Cup: Plum, creamy, Grapefruit, Lemon, Vanilla




Kaffe - Levereras både som hela bönor eller malet (340gram). Består av kaffe från Columbia "Excelso EP", Uganda "St. Goret" and Ethiopia "Sidamo" som jag rostar till  ett medium rostat kaffe men aningen mer åt det lättrostade hållet än vad ni kanske är vana vid. Ett kaffe som är väldigt runt och trevligt, passar till både lunch, middag, eftermiddags fikat etc. Men sticker ut tillräckligt mycket för att kännas speciellt och användas för att få ett unikt kaffe som sticker ut. (340gram). 

Whole Bean / Filter grinded