About CozoCoffee

My love for coffee is something that has been with me for years, the idea to start my own coffeerostery is something that grew slowly. As I was touring around the world with my band Truckfighters for years my biggest problem was always to find really good coffee, I've tried hundreds of different sorts all around the world. The past few years I almost always visited a local coffee rostery to get a sip of the real good stuff and that's when the idea slowly took form into starting my own business. 

Hand Roasted Coffee from Pennybridge Sweden
The Green Bean 


I'm sourcing the best beans in the world, some of them I buy directly from farms and cooperative and some I buy from big importers, but what they all have in common is that the green bean need to be the absolute best quality. I aim to work with people who share the same values regarding human and environmental ethics. I want to buy coffee with a high quality and individual taste profile.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


The manual work, the fair payments, the mobilization, the efforts to guarantee a dignified life to the workers. Also all the work to ensure the quality in the beans we do represent is a significant extra cost but we are sure is worth it knowing that, if we start making a difference in small things in future we can make big changes.